What I learnt from measuring everything

During the implementation of Mixpanel in the new Boiler Room app, I was asked what seemed like a simple question at the time “What should we measure in the app?” which I replied “everything!” in my head, it was simple, measure everything and you can find out anything.

Weeks of product analysis passed however only simple product insights could be gathered. My whole idea of measuring everything made finding anything a complicated task, the data had no focus.

Hangover calculations.gif

Looking for inspiration and potential techniques to make our metrics useful during analysis, I ploughed through a range of medium post and articles from Product people who had the same issue. After reading approximately 20 articles, 2 stood out :

Both made sense for Boiler Room and fusing them together I created a more focused set of metrics from which insights could be gained.

Actionable metrics document

To communicate the metrics clearer, quick visualisations were made of how I imagined the metrics to be presented. Through iterating and refining the metrics with the Head of Engineering we settled on a mix of metrics to implement into our apps.

Visualisation of metrics