Rethinking the Boiler Room platform

Role: User Researcher & UX design

What is Boiler Room?

From the outside looking in, Boiler Room may seem like a party centred around a DJ but it is so much more.

“Boiler Room televises underground music as it happens from around the world to a massive online community. By doing so, we create windows into scenes and sounds from every corner of the globe, connecting millions of music heads with the specific music they love. This communal participation has redrawn the map for underground culture and proven that mass audiences now subscribe to alternative choice”

tHe Backstory

The company vision changed from being known as an events company with the tagline “Broadcasting the underground” to “Music TV for the internet age” with an emphasis of engaging users with our platforms.

What we knew so far


Youtube & Soundcloud

Through regular conversations with our users we knew Youtube and Soundcloud were their primary destination to consume our archived content.

Screen Shot 2017-11-27 at 16.36.41.png

Facebook LIVE effect

The current website had a focus on live content. However, users watched live shows on Facebook. 

Homepage issues  

The homepage had a 60% bounce rate. 68% of our users wanted to RSVP to an event. 28% of users selected the careers tab as the wanted to work for/partner with Boiler Room.


Engage fans with the Boiler Room platform

The approach

Visualising our content

Working closely with the marketing, content and commercial teams we mapped the touch points where users engaged with our content content. 10 users from Boiler Room’s insiders community were invited to walk through the content journey and express their thoughts and emotions at different phases.

Content experience map

Content experience map

Content experience map (user)

Content experience map (user)


Relooping to Post production confusion

After a live show, raw footage remains available on our site for 3 days before it is post produced to the Boiler Room standard. Users visiting after the 3rd day are often met with new live/relooping content. This confusion leads to user bouncing or searching for the specific show.

Where is the new stuff?

Users were unsure where to find newly archived content on the Boiler Room site so used Youtube and Soundcloud.

Where is everything else?

Our homepage didn't boast the range of Boiler room content compared to our socials, where we regularly showcased short clips and teasers of our archive.

Product goal

Redesign Boiler Room's website experience to engage with fans.

Prioritised user goals

  • Users want to see our newly archived shows clearly and quickly

  • User want to see more of the archive and Boiler room’s variety

  • Users want to be aware of content being archived

Boiler Room redesign

Staffs pick.png

staff's pick

A dedicated space for new stand out content to be featured on the homepage as well as an area to resurface archived shows in build up to future campaigns. Users are able to scroll through 5-6 pieces of content.

New on Boiler Room.png

New on Boiler room

New on Boiler Room is the focal point for users who onced bounced from our homepage to consume content elsewhere. Situated below staffs pick and above the fold, users always access to archived shows they may have been aware of via socials.

Surfacing the archive.png

Surfacing the archive

Knowing our users wanted to see more of the archive, a UX-led content strategy was put in place to ensure any teaser clip or post scheduled for socials had a relevant rail on the homepage. Of the 9 rails on the homepage, 3 were in line with social pushes and the remainder surfaced Boiler Room's vast archive.


Assessing the homepage after 2 weeks live saw:

  • Bounce rate from our homepage decreased from 60% to 28%
  • Average Homepage session time grew 3 times to 100 seconds with users discovering 50% more of the homescreen.
  • Staff picks and New on Boiler Room accounted for 40% of users click through from the homepage.
  • Youtube and Soundcloud remained the primary destination for users. Working with the content team, a strategy of releasing content on the Boiler Room website 3 days before Youtube and Soundcloud is being trialled to test and analyse the effect it has on the websites daily average users.