Vision | Exploring students engagement with design and technology

Role: User researcher and Product designer



Design Technology has seen a steep increase in students opting out. The number of students opting for Design Technology subjects has seen a 10 year national decline of 3% per year. With students having to stay in school longer, there is a worry of them not having enough engaging educational experience which could lead to the warehousing of same skilled students. Using this as inspiration I set about researching, ideating and developing a student centred concept to combat the decline.

Research aim

This research acts as an investigation into how students in secondary education prior to GCSEs can increase their engagement with Design Technology, leading to effective, innovative and valuable learning experiences.


Research approach

Vision approach.png

Research report

Summary of research

Summary of research

Using the key findings from the research phase I began a co-design ideation phase with students at schools. Through a process of converging and diverging, the concept Vision was created.

What is vision

Vision merges both the physical and digital through an app and beacon technology to empower, encourage and excite students to take control of their discovery and learning in the design and technology workshop. Through tapping the Vision app on product-paired beacon triggers students are able to gain both an overview and industry insights on new equipment in the workshop.

Overview of concept

Overview of concept

*Version 2 of Vision kicks off Q2 2018, watch this space.